What To Bring

Forms to bring for tax appointment

There are many forms involved in tax preparation and it can be hard to tell what to bring in for an appointment. When in doubt, bring the item in question to your tax appointment. The following is a general list of items you should bring with you.

Prior Year Tax Return Copies- Please bring copies of your last year’s federal and state income tax returns. 

Income Statements- Bring all applicable W-2 forms, 1099 forms, interest income, dividend income, K-1 forms, pension or IRA distributions forms, brokerage account forms, social security, and student loan interest forms.

IRAs- The amount you contributed to a traditional IRA is on Form 4598. If you converted a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, supply the amount of any applicable after-tax Traditional IRA contributions you made. 

Dependents- If you are planning on claiming dependents, provide their full names, dates of birth and social security numbers.

Moving Expenses- If your move was employment related, summarize your moving expenses. You can only deduct the cost to move household goods, storage and the one time trip to make the final move to your new location. 

Stocks & Mutual Funds- If you sold stocks or mutual funds, we will need the date you bought each item that was sold along with the total purchase price of each item sold. 

Estimated Tax Payments- If you made any estimated tax payments this year, we will need to know the dates and amounts paid. 

Business Rents Paid -Please summarize the rent you paid for business purposes during the tax year and your landlord’s name and address.

Itemized Deductions- Itemized deductions include: medical expenses, personal property tax, state and local sales taxes, tax preparation fees, custodial fees, financial planning fees, interest on mortgages and home equity loans. Deductions also include un-reimbursed job related expenses (such as job seeking expenses), and cell phone charges. 

Dependent Care Expense- Provide the names of each care provider, their address, their federal identification number or social security number, and the amount paid to each provider. We will need the amount paid in child care expenses for each child. Please bring in a completed Schedule H if you have one. 

Self-Employment- Please summarize your gross self employment income for the tax year and your applicable expenses categorized and summarized by the type of expense. 

Rental Property- If you have received income from rental property (Schedule E), please bring a statement showing the gross rental income you received and your expenses categorized by type of expense.